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We offer a wide range of equity-free capital
products that are made for founders. Whatever
stage of growth your company is in, we can help!

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into 20 projects

You can count on us to be by your side. We strive to create a funding
experience that makes every entrepreneur's life easier.

As founders ourselves we understand the difficulties of raising funds
and have made it our mission to change the landscape of business
funding forever.

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Capital that propels
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Ever wanted to scale your company without losing equity? At
RevenueBoost42 we assist you in analysing your business's capital
needs, providing you with a tailor-made package that allows you to
scale, and is affordable. Investments start from €10k to €500k

  • With a flat fee
  • Scale your company
  • Keep 100% control

Got a game company?
Propel your growth with a
cash injection

Specialised funding, geared at giving you the
launchpad to take your company to the next level, in
one of the fastest-growing industries.

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Cash is king! Create a
consistent cash flow for
your business

Tired of waiting 90 days for customers to pay invoices?
Streamline your cash flow to provide yourself with better
resources for expansion.

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Your app deserves to be
seen – Take it to the next
level with our funding

In a world of smartphones and tablets, your app needs the
right funding foundations to be seen, stand out in a
saturated market with our fast and flexible funding solutions.

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Strapped for cash due to
high monthly expenditure?

Turn your MRR into ARR, to allow yourself breathing room to
grow – no dilution, no strings attached.

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Instant funding round

The wait is over - get the funds to your bank account the day
you sign the paperwork. Start growing today!

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a suitable solution

We are ready to provide individual conditions based
on your data.

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How it works

01 See if you are eligible Fill out our application, our expert team will then assess
and create a custom plan for you.

02 Get your cash! After reviewing and creating the agreement, we will process your
funding, your cash can be available as early as in 3 business days.

03 Keep your equity As founders of businesses, we understand how
visionaries looking for funding are often exploited, we
are changing the game.

Who we work with
and other 33+ platforms

What founders say about us GamesBoost42 afforded us
the possibility to use the needed money for marketing
and increase our marketing leverage
and grow our user base faster.

What founders say about us The partnership with GamesBoost42 not only allowed us to increase the volume of user engagement in a targeted manner,but also kept the advertising budget at the required level.

Stanislav Levykin
CEO of Gig Partners Inc.

Pavel Maurus
CEO & Founder Fitingo

Our team has been critically acclaimed by some of the top
publications globally, voicing our mission oF
helping companies grow,
whilst their founders keep control

Instead of waiting months to receive earnings from app stores, opting a factoring agreement us at GamesBoost42 can help developers access funds marketing, product testing, and rapid growth.

Bidease and Rocket 10 have entered into a strategic financial partnership with GamesBoost42. Mobile Performance-DSP Bios and AdTech mobile marketing agency Rocket10 have chosen a financial partner for business development.

With over€12M+ invested
into 20+ businesses ranging across 8 countries

You are in good hands
with us!

Igor Mukhin CEO of RevenueBoost42

As a founder of my own business, I know how
important retaining equity is, too many
founders lose large portions of their company
unfairly to savvy investors.
Our mission is to change this, our goal is to bring the power back
to the founders.